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You do not yet know which professional career you would like to pursue? No problem! Simply apply for an internship and get to know your dream job. You can also try out several professions at the same time.
Karriere bei J.P. Pröpster
Craft internship
In our tool shop you can find out whether the job of a precision mechanic suits you. Here you can find out what it means to work with metal, repair tools and maintain our machines.
Commercial internship
As an intern in the commercial area, you help organize and process office-related tasks. You get insights into various departments such as purchasing, accounting and accounting.
Technical internship
In our technical office you can get to know the profession of technical product designer. Three-dimensional data models and technical documentation for components from lightning protection are created here.
Then apply now for an internship.

Send us a short application either by post or email to:

If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time: Tel: +49 (0)9181/2590-0
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