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Smart connector for earth rod
for the connection of round or flat conductors with the earth rod
Terminal clamp "Perfect"
with two clamping jaws for the variable connection of round conductors to steel constructions - horizontal and vertical in every direction (360) possible.
Connecting clamp for flat 40 mm
with or without clamping bracket and compression spring
Combined arrester P-HF BOX
for the protection of telephone and Internet connections
- compact design
- quick and easy installation by surface-mounted box
- protection class IP 65
- universally usable surge arrester for different telecommunication interfaces, such as VoIP.
- cut-off frequency up to 250 MHz
- push-In terminal block for fast connection without tools (simple, push-in terminations of solid and ferruled conductors).
- high discharge capacity up 2,5 kA (10/350 μs) per line

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Combined arrester P-ZP
for mounting on 40 mm busbar system
- Quick and easy installation on 40 mm busbar systems.
- Fully compliant with the German VDN directive and current draft version of the technical rule.
- VDE-AR-N 4100 and can thus be installed upstream of the meter panel.
- Safe fixation & contact ensured by screwed contacts.
- P-ZP H version having 12,5 kA (10/350 s)/pole and 50 kA (10/350 s) as 3+1-pole.
- Optimal price/performance ratio.
- Leakage-current free due to series connection of gas discharge tube and varistor.
- No follow current.

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High voltage-resistant insulated conductor
- low installation and time effort
- required equipotential bonding by inbuilt cable shield braid - no additional conductor necessary
- mechanical and chemical protection by the light gray, UV-resistant cable jacket
- equivalent separation distance "s" = 0,85 m in air
- no additional compliance of separation distances in the base area

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Multi-Max reinforcement clamp
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