Products for lightning protection 

Quality by certifcation

Quality in lightning protection
Since over 40 years "Quality" is to be set in accordance with our daily action. Therefore we do not only fulfill the tests and controls of EN ISO 9001:2015 (certificated since 1992) as well as other standards.
• high voltage testing laboratory
• 100% incoming goods control
• tests and controls in the whole process of manufacture
• use of premium materials
We see that as base frame of your quality standard, but also do an essential step forward. Our distinctive quality idea is reflected in form of
• fast and easy delivery service
• free customer seminars
• fair prices
• a partnership basis relation
• free planning support
and it is important to fully satisfy you as a customer with our products and service.
Your J.Pröpster-Team

Test laboratory with surge current system 10/350 μs

Qulitätssicherung im Prüflabor
In our own testing laboratory, all lightning protection components and overvoltage protection devices are tested in accordance with current national and international standards.
Qulitätssicherung im Prüflabor
Quality through high and assured standards
This way, you can always be sure that you can use reliable products!
Qulitätssicherung im Prüflabor
Regular tests
Our laboratory is always the first level of quality management.
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