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26. - 27. June 2024

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New products

Divisible base-unit for insulation testing
for HVC-50 and HVC-85  >>
Combined lightning current and surge arrester type 1+2 P-HM 280
multipole / mains system compliant >>
Air termination pole systeme for HVC-50 and HVC-85
free-standing resp. unsupported air termination pole systeme >>
Insulation test for HVC-50 and HVC-85
Surge arrester type 2+3 P-VM 280 slim
multipole / mains system compliant >>
Multi-Quattro terminal and connecting clamp
Space-saving combined arrester P-ZP
for mounting on 40 mm busbar system >>
Saddle clamp "Flex"
for secure connection to sheet and steel constructions >>
Conductor fastener for exterior air termination installation
for the HVC conductor >>
Beam clip for HVC-50 and HVC-85
High voltage resistant insulated conductor >>
HVC-50 conductor
High voltage resistant insulated conductor >>
Combined arrester P-HF BOX
for the protection of telephone and Internet connections >>
Connecting clamp for flat 40 mm
with or without clamping bracket and compression spring >>
Terminal clamp "Perfect"
Smart connector for earth rod
for the connection of round or flat conductors with the earth rod >>
for equipotential bonding >>

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